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Formiculture Procarb Honeydew Protein Powder 25g
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Formiculture Procarb Honeydew Protein Powder 25g

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Rich in many proteins, fructose, and molecules adapted for ants. Formulated and conditioned by Fourmiculture from France.

This powder can be ingested by ants because the size of the powder particles is adapted to that of their particularly selective oral system. Containing a wide range of amino acids, this powdered food replicates aphid honeydew and will allow the larvae to grow well.

How to use powdered honeydew:

Dilute a small volume of powder in organic fruit juice, milk or water,

Mix with care. The mixture obtained must be very liquid. Add organic honey if ants lack appetite.

Distribute a drop of food on a feeder using a syringe. Tip: Take a 2cm square of aluminum foil, dig it in your hand to form a cup and place the diluted powdered honeydew inside. For small species such as Pheidole, add a few strands of cotton (without absorbing everything) to avoid drowning.

This honeydew powder is ideally supplemented with foods rich in vitamins (organic fruit juice).

- Storage of the powder: about 1 year in dry, moderate temperature and protected from light.
- Storage in the refrigerator of the liquid obtained for a few days.

- To avoid bacteria growth, thoroughly clean and remove any unused food after 24 hours. Also clean the equipment used for the preparation.

Average composition:

- Protein: about 17%, Fat: ≤9%, Carbohydrates: 75%


- Sucrose (75%), animal by-product (20%). Naturally rich in minerals.

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