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Myrmecia nigriscapa Queen Only
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Myrmecia nigriscapa Queen Only

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A more timid bull ant species, Myrmecia nigriscapa is a rich red colour with a black tip on the gaster.

Specimens will grow up to 25mm, making this an average to large sized bull ant.

Colony numbers in the wild will often be in the hundreds.

Caution must be taken while handling these ants as they do poses a painful sting.

Gestation can be very long, sometimes as much as 6 month from egg to worker. The founding stage is also known to be difficult as queens lay on a cycle that can be up to a year apart.

Ant keepers tend to have more success when keeping this species in a natural sand/dirt nest, allowing the queen to dig her own founding chamber.



Unavailable for Western Australia or Tasmania.

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