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Tar Heel Ants Mini Hearth
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Tar Heel Ants Mini Hearth

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Image should be used as a guide only. These formicariums are handmade and each is unique.

Color (Exterior Only): Grey

Foraging Style: Top Foraging Style (Nucleus Style)

Decor: Rock, Wood, Plant

Nestmate Option: No Nestmate

Glass Type: Standard Glass

Foraging Substrate Type: White Sand

Interior Substrate Type: White Sand (Standard)

The Mini Hearth is a founding formicarium created by Tar Heel Ants.


  • Detachable foraging area
  • Large Water tower (15ml capacity)
  • Sand-coated interior chamber (using our proprietary method found in all Type II formicaria)
  • Gold-brown or White Sand optional for interior
  • Painted exterior
  • Stalagtite decor on chamber celing
  • 3/8" Side connection port
  • Dimensions approximately 3.5" x 1.75" x 2"

    Watch this short video clip of a Solenopsis invicta colony in an old-style Mini Hearth that has outgrown formicarium...

      *Camponotus chromaiodes queen and her 1 year-old founding colony

      Customer-made Mini Hearth review video:

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