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If it's not from AKD, is it guaranteed?

Tar Heel Ants Inception Chamber
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Tar Heel Ants Inception Chamber

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Image should be used as a guide only. These formicariums are handmade and each is unique.

Chamber Size: Large

Tunnel/Chamber Size: Medium Species

Design Style: Randomized

Lid Type for internal nest: Glass Top

Water Tower: Water Tower inside Nest

Decor Style: Heavy Plant and Stone Decor

The Inception Chamber formicarium from Tar Heel Ants features hand-sculpted tunnels and chambers for ant queens and small ant colonies.


  • Perfect Fit Lid for extreme containment
  • 150mm x 65mm
  • 75mm diameter nest chamber within.
  • White sand substrate
  • Water Tower
  • Hand-molded nest chamber

Solenopsis fugax colony outgrowing their Inception Chamber

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