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Giant Brown Bull Ant / Myrmecia pyriformis Queen + 1 - 2 Workers

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Considered the deadliest ant in the world and one of the largest, this species is incredibly aggressive and dangerous.

Suitable for only the most expert ant keepers as their sting is amongst the most painful in the insect world.

Colony numbers can exceed 2000 - 3000 in the wild so a large formicarium is required for mature colonies.

Able to see with amazing detail at lengths of up to a few metres, they will following you around the room giving you a sense of their intelligence.

Gestation can be very long, sometimes as much as 6 month from egg to worker. The founding stage is also known to be difficult as queen lay on a cycle that can be up to a year apart.

Ant keepers tend to have more success when keeping this species in a natural sand/dirt nest, allowing the queen to dig her own founding chamber.



Unavailable for Western Australia or Tasmania.

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