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byFormica Liquid Feeder MEGA 16ml (2pc)
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byFormica Liquid Feeder MEGA 16ml (2pc)

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  • Small and sturdy gravity-assisted liquid feeder designed especially for ants
  • Unique circumferential holes in base allow feeding and discovery from any direction through a durable, stainless steel screen
  • Contains (2) 82 mm tall glass reservoirs, screws onto 33 mm diameter threaded plastic base. 2 pieces. Does not include liquid food.
  • Holds up to 16 ml of liquid, low evaporation rate allows for up to 6 weeks between refills for sugar solutions such as Sunburst Ant Nectar
  • Improved design is more durable than ever, and includes a 1 year replacement warranty.

byFormica Liquid Feeders for ants are gravity-assisted feeders designed for offering liquid foods like water or sugar water.

Easy to use: Just fill with your preferred liquid, screw the glass vial onto the threaded base, and place in your formicarium's foraging area to enjoy.

Made for ants: The byFormica Liquid Feeders feature a unique, semi-closed design which reduces moisture loss due to evaporation, restricts all but the smallest ants from becoming trapped inside the feeder, and lessens the likelihood that some ants will attempt to cover the liquid with dirt. Multiple drinking ports allow ants to discover the liquid more quickly, and many ants to feed at once.

Use with SUNBURST Ant Nectar liquid ant food for maximum reliability and convenience.

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Try other available sizes (sold separately):

Micro: The smallest size, recommended for sampling a variety of liquid foods for very small colonies.

Mini: A slightly larger base makes the Mini more stable. Excellent for small and growing colonies.

Mega: Highest capacity, recommended for large colonies or extended time away from care. Low evaporation rate means water may be offered for weeks between refills.

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