Aus Ants Beginner Kit +
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Aus Ants Beginner Kit +

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This beginner kit is perfect for people who want to start keeping ants.

It is a kit that includes everything you need to get started in ant keeping PLUS other equipment that will make caring for your ants easier.

It is compatible with any of our beginner ants which can be found here

The kit includes;

Aus Ants Acrylic NestSmall

Aus AntsAcrylic Outworld Small

byFormica Liquid Feeder MINI 1ml (2pc) + 4ml (2pc)

Ultra-High-Protein Japanese Protein Jelly

Feeding Dish 35mm Round

byFormica SUNBURST Ant Nectar - 60 ml



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This kit has been created by Ant Keeping Depot and is not an official kit from the manufacturer.

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