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Aus Ants Red Shield Acrylic
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Aus Ants Red Shield Acrylic

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Aus Ants Acrylic Nest Ant Shield suitable for Aus Ants Acrylic nests only.

  • Founding (included in starter kit)
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large



      Aus Ants’ ‘Ant Shields’ are made of high clarity, crystal clear acrylic. They’re specifically designed to be placed upon a corresponding sized nest within Aus Ants’ range of Ytong and Acrylic designs.  

      What are they for? Well, many species of ants, (and other insects too) are unable to sense wavelengths within the red light spectrum. So, when the shields are fitted, the ants are fooled into thinking they’re safe within the security of darkness (as ant colonies would naturally be in the wild). Like a one way mirror, the keeper can see in, but the ants can’t see out. Thus, allowing for a more natural, disturbance free view of all the exciting happenings within the nest. Just keep in mind, the effectiveness of the shields may vary from species to species, and works best under low light intensities.

      As the shields completely cover the lids of their corresponding nests, they also help protect the lids beneath from dust accumulation and scratching. The shields are designed to comfortably rest on top of the nests’ screws, leaving a very thin, but important, gap between them and the clear acrylic lid below. Thus, preventing the two rubbing together and forming unsightly marks and scratches.

      Additional holes have been carefully cut into the shields. Some for hydration, allowing the keeper to inject water directly into the nests’ hydration chambers without having to remove the shields, and other, smaller holes are present for ventilation purposes.  

      Aus Ants’‘Ant Shields’ come included in their ‘Acrylic Starter Kits’ and are sold separately for their ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’ sized nests.

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