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Tar Heel Ants Atom C
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Tar Heel Ants Atom C

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The Atom C is a great replacement for test tube founding chambers. Queens will feel more comfortable and the survival rate should be greater.

Connection Size: 12.5mm for very large ants

Add-On Foraging Areas: None

Lid style: Glass Lid x 1

Color: Beige




Atom C is a new founding chamber from Tar Heel Ants designed for all species of ants. The design features slight overhangs on the edges to give more cover and privacy to species that to tend become easily alarmed by light. These ledges also provide hanging areas for ants. Many species will hang from overhead surfaces and "honey pot" ants will be able to use these areas for their repletes. Small queens will find the design of the Atom C better able to provide them with some "nooks and crannies" (while keeping ants 100% visible)and large ants will find adequate space of room to accommodate even the largest queens and their young colonies.

A young Formica subsericea queen and colony in an Atom C (below)


Watch this video of the Atom C

The hydration of an Atom C is simply using the included syringe and keeping the water tower around 50-75% full. We do not recommend over-filling the Atom C water tower. It is important to not tip or tilt the Atom C while the water tower has water inside. These instructions are important for many formicaria, but even more so when the ants are so localized to the water tower.



The Atom C was designed to accommodate species that prefer very tight quarters as well as those species that are very "jumpy" when disturbed (it gives more privacy and thus more difficult to disturb young queens in them). The species we tested in them responded favorably (Pogonomyrmex occidentalis, Camponotus castaneus, Camponotus chromaiodes, and multiple Aphaenogaster species).


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