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AntHouse Acri BiG3 Circle
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AntHouse Acri BiG3 Circle

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200mm x 200mm x 10mm Acrylic circle-shaped nest, perfect for larger colonies. It includes a central foraging area and an external humidity system.

Easy to clean due to its anchors with screws.

To moisten the nest use a syringe with water and wet the cottonuntil it does not absorb anymore waterbut allowing the water to spread out by the plastic folds of the nest. You must be careful to avoid flooding the galleries.The cotton must always be wet.

The built-in foraging area is used to feed the ants. You can put a trough and a water trough there, using a product to prevent escapes through this area.

Put the ants inside the nest through the foraging area. Pour out the content of the test tube directly into the foraging zone, always being extremely careful.

It has a hole to connect another nest or an auxiliary foraging box. Don't forget to block the hole with some cotton.

Suitable for all types of species and sizes, as long as they are not exceptionally big nor exceptionally small. For colonies with more than 25 workers.

CAUTION: Don't clean with alcohol or any other productother than soapy water. The acrylic material could be weakened. Don't even use talcohol (talcum powder dissolved in alcohol). If still used, it will be under the responsibility of the customer.

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