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ANTCUBE Starter Set – 20×20 – Meadow
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ANTCUBE Starter Set – 20×20 – Meadow

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This starter set Meadow is suitable for all species of ants that build their nests in meadows or fields.

In the fully transparent farm (nest), the "Soil - Meadow" is used to fill the farm. If required, additional modules can be connected via the 50mm holes in the cover, such as the separately available foggers, fans or lights. Alternatively, matching Formicarium plugs are included to close the openings. Depending on your preference, the formicarium can also be operated open by simply placing the removable frame on top and applying ant escape protection oil to its rim. The "Drinker 2ml - 360 degrees" is intended for water, the "Food dispenser 2ml - dosable" for the carbohydrate and protein powder. The "Mini Thermo- Hygrometer analog - display - hanging" can be attached to the frame or the cover and displays the climate values.

1x ANTCUBE - arena 20x20x10 - flat
1x Ant arena frame 20x20
1x Ant arena covering 20x20
4x fixation point for arena cover
1x ANTCUBE - antfarm - L - 20x20 - detached
2x Formicarium plug 4mm
1x ant farm cover
1x 0,5m flexible tube transparent 14/10 mm
1x ANTCUBE - Red screen 20x20 - self-adhesive
1x Soil - Meadow - 1kg
1x formicarium granulate 200ml - beige
1x grid insert - 50mm - stainless steel
1x Formicarium plug for 50mm bore
1x Formicarium plug for 27mm bore
1x grid cap - 10mm - stainless steel
1x Basin connector hole 27 and hose 10-16 mm - M25
1x Formicarium nut M25 - grey
1x drinker 2ml - 360 degrees
1x feed dispenser 2ml - dosable
1x Mini thermo- hygrometer analogue - Display - hanging
1x tweezer spring steel - wide - soft
1x plastic tweezers transparent
1x plastic pipette 3ml
1x Hand magnifier 2fold - 30mm
1x foam wiper 150x18x2.5mm
1x Photo Background - Meadow - 20x10

Recommendation: We recommend a substrate layer of 2 mm height, so that the animals can not burrow in the arena and instead use the farm provided for this purpose. We also recommend lightly pricking the nesting material in the farm (sand/clay, digfix, etc.) in one place to make it easier for the animals to start digging.

Important: Please moisten the substrate before use so that the mixture can combine and develop a firm hold in the ant farm. In addition, too dry and dusty substrate can lead to blocking the respiratory tract of the ants and, in the worst case, the animals suffocate.

When using our nest insets, please note that these are 8mm narrower, as they were originally designed to fit our narrower ant farms and arena inserts! Here the interspace should be filled with filling material such as gypsum or loam.

Note about production:
The glass is cut according to DIN 1249 with a tolerance of +/;- 1mm. For extremely small ant species, additional ant escape protection is essential.

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