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ANTCUBE Ant Spiral Tower L - 20
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ANTCUBE Ant Spiral Tower L - 20

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The ant spiral tower is used to bridge the height from the arena to the ant farm and additionally offers the animals a lot of walking distance on a compact space. The additional walking distance simulates the paths that ants have to cover in nature to their food sources and can have a positive effect on the development and behavior of the ant colony.

2x bottom / cover plate
2x hose access for 20/16 mm hose
4x hose column for 20/16 mm hose
10x clamping pin
4m hose 20/16 mm
Note: The parts are supplied as a kit or plug-in system. No gluing is necessary.

2x hose 20/16 mm
Dimensions: 19x19x20cm; L for hose 20/16 mm



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