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If it's not from AKD, is it guaranteed?

Ant Park Hydration Gel
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Ant Park Hydration Gel

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A common problem that exists for Ant keepers is providing clean drinking water for their colonies, without causing drowning sites for Ants. Ant Park Hydration Gel an electrolytically balanced, safe to use Hydration solution for all types of Ants.

Non toxic, ant safe ingredients - Ant Park Hydration Gel has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed ant safe.

Directions for use: Mix a small amount of Hydration Gel powder with water and add to your ants drinking containers. Add water until the gel has turned to clear jelly consistency. As the Ants suck out the water, the Hydration Gel will turn back into a white powder which can be topped up again and again. Hydration Gel is antibacterial and can be used for months, until it begins to discolour. Discard old powder.

Shelf Life: Ant Park Hydration Gel has a 15 year shelf life provided it is kept dry. No refrigeration required.

 Ingredients: Thickening agent, electrolytes.




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