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Aeacus Macedon Resin Nest Medium
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Aeacus Macedon Resin Nest Medium

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The Macedon series of nests are best for large sized ants. The medium size is best for mature colonies.

  • Minimum tunnel height: 12mm
  • Total nest size: 90mm x 90mm
  • Hydration tiles: 2

Kit contains:

AEACUS Ant keeping Macedon medium nest and long-lasting water tank combo, assembled
Tube connector
Vinyl tubing
Allen key
Blunt hydration syringe
Spare hydration sponge
Plastic hydration tile

Lids no longer included.

Not recommended for ants <3mm long

      Aeacus nests are the result of an intensive four-year design process based on input from a wide range of experienced ant-keepers. A formicarium should be easy to use and require minimal upkeep. It should provide a colony with a favourable nesting environment, allow ants to be observed and displayed clearly, whilst still being a beautiful piece that would not look out of place on a coffee table or sideboard. With this new improved design, Aeacus believe they can offer all this and more.

      One major feature of these nests is the hydration system. The water tank can last up to a month and is translucent to allow quick inspection of the water level. Water is transported to one or more ceramic tiles screwed securely to the base of the nest using stainless steel machine screws, where a hole allows ants to drink and the air in the nest to be humidified. In medium and large sized nests these ceramic tiles can be replaced with non-absorbent plastic tiles, allowing the humidity level to be adjusted depending on the species of ants being kept.

      Each nest design is individually sculpted to create a detailed, naturalistic structure for ants to store their brood. Not only does this provide clear viewing angles, it increases the internal surface area making Aeacus nests more compact and able to hold more ants than other nests of a similar size.

      The sculpted nest tunnels and pale colour are intended to provide a pleasing neutral backdrop to best display your colony. The reflective properties of pale colours also mean that Aeacus nests are ideal for macro photography.

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