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Ant Park Amino Acid Mix
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Ant Park Amino Acid Mix

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Ant Park Amino Acid Mix is a simple to use, delicious and shelf stable high Amino Acid, high sucrose ant food, tested and proven to be effective and popular with all types of ants.

 Non toxic, ant safe ingredients - Ant Park Amino Acid mix has been rigorously tested and is ant safe.

Directions: Mix 1 small teaspoon with a few drops of water and stir into a paste. Feed 2-3 times a week. Use only as much as your Ants can consume within an hour. Otherwise ants will become over fed and feed less actively. Be sure to clean up any left overs as they can become sites of bacterial growth. 

Shelf Life: Ant Park Amino Acid mix has a 2 year shelf life provided it is kept dry. No refrigeration required.

 Ingredients: Amino acids(Leucine, glycine, Isoleucine, Valine)  Sucrose, Minerals,  electrolytes, trace elements.




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