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Aus Ants PTFE liquid
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Aus Ants PTFE liquid

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1 X 60ml bottle of concentrated PTFE


PTFE, also known as fluon, is a laboratory-grade liquid commonly used by entomologists for containing insects within their enclosures. The substance is non-toxic and is 100% safe to use with ants and other insects. It really is the best stuff for the job!


Using a brush or cotton ball, spread a thin even coat all the way around the upper inner edges of your container (For an Aus Ants Outworld, this would be on the underside of the acrylic sheet bordering the sliding lid). Once dry (after approximately 5-10 mins), this area will become super slippery, making it very difficult for insects to pass over it without losing their grip and falling back down to the bottom. For maximum effectiveness, remove barrier and re-apply a fresh one every 3-6 months.


60ml may not seem like much, however, very little of the liquid needs to be applied per use. Meaning this small bottle will last a long time...if properly stored of course. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight, make sure the lid is tightly screwed on, and gently turn the bottle over once per month. This will prevent the liquid from solidifying and becoming ineffective.

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