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Formiculture Labyrinthe Ant Maze
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Formiculture Labyrinthe Ant Maze

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Principle of the Ant Maze:

The Fourmiculture Ant Maze is an original and playful creation to observe the exploring ants in their search for food and new horizons. The maze allows them to travel through an extended distance, which is ideal between the foraging arena and the nest.

The Maze allows you to watch the pheromone track deposit and the time needed by the ants to complete the exploration of the labyrinth. It improves the observations and allows you to observe through the removable crystal-clear acrylic top.

The Maze is very relevant to follow the evolution of the ants and learn about their behaviors : as soon as the passage is marked by pheromones, the ants will immediately know how to recognize the path to reach the exit quickly.



Manufacturing and dimensions :

The Maze is compatible with ants of all species up to 16mm long. It measures 11x7cm and the distance that ants can travel between the entrance and the exit is equivalent to a straight line of 80cm!

It has holes of 9mm in diameter and works great with silicone tubing for connexion with our other nests.

The maze is made of white bioplastic for a perfect contrast and has a recessed acrylic top for transparency. With the help of the doors provided, it is possible to allow or close the passage.

Designed and manufactured in France.

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