Fluon & Insect Ant Slip Barrier - 1x Marker + 1x Wand Pack
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Fluon & Insect Ant Slip Barrier - 1x Marker + 1x Wand Pack

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  • Draw invisible lines on plastics, glass, and metals that most climbing insects can not cross
  • Proprietary formulation goes on more smoothly, contains insects more effectively than competitor options
  • Ready to use! No mixing, measuring, or pre-diluting before use. Felt nib applies more smoothly compared to traditional applicators
  • Covers over 3 sq. meters (35 sq. ft) surface area. Product will last years if properly stored

What is Fluon?

Fluon is a milky-white, slippery plastic resin that, once applied to the vertical walls of an insect habitat, pet food bowl, or other plastic, glass, or smooth metal surface, will prevent ants or insects from crawling past the nearly invisible barrier.  Once they reach the barrier, they will slip and fall back to the bottom.  Properly maintained, the barrier can last for several months and is completely non-toxic.

Fluon is a laboratory-grade product used by entomologists world-wide to prevent ants and other insects from escaping their container or habitat.

Universal Compatibility

Our Fluon is compatible with any smooth surface such as glass, plastic, or polished metals.  Use it on vertical surfaces in nest and foraging areas from manufacturers such as Tarheel Ants, Ants Canada, and ANTSTORE formicaries.

What makes byFormica's product different?

Unlike traditional products that require the user to measure and dilute the pure Fluon, and then use a cotton swab or other disposable applicator to paint the product to the vertical surface of a formicarium to prevent ants from crawling out, this product includes an integrated felt-tip applicator for even and consistent application that's as easy to use as drawing a line with a marker.

No measuring, no mixing, no fiddling with swabs or disposable applicators!

The byFormica Fluon PTFE-30 Insect Barrier is pre-diluted with the highest quality materials to ensure enhanced visibility, with less apparent residue or surface discoloration compared to other products.
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