Aus Ants Ytong Nest Size 04 Red
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Aus Ants Ytong Nest Size 04 Red

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This model has a single entrance/exit hole, comes with a connecting vinyl tube segment, 13mm in diameter (10mm internal) and 50mm in length.

We use a 10mm internal diameter vinyl tube to connect the nests up to other nests or foraging areas. This tube can easily be scaled up or down with a vinyl tube joiner based on your ants’ requirements.




Width 120mm

Length 152mm

Chamber depth 10mm

Total depth 35mm



Aus Ants formicariums are made from Ytong, autoclaved aerated concrete, a backing plate of marine-grade plywood, attached using non-toxic epoxy, with a removable acrylic front plate, secured with screws. Painted with an eco friendly paint.



The nest requires water every 3 to 6 days. To reduce the risk of nest flooding, moisten the sponge slowly so that the water can be absorbed by the sponge. The Ytong is porous, absorbing water from the sponge and hydrating your nest.


Colony Size

This formicarium is suitable for housing a colony in the range of 30 to 400 ants depending on the species size. It can be utilised for small or medium species of ants and it is considered to be a good sized formicarium for a mature ant colony.

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