Aus Ants Acrylic Size 04 Nest Classic Red
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Aus Ants Acrylic Size 04 Nest Classic Red

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This model has two entrance/exit holes and comes with two connecting vinyl tube segments, 13mm in diameter (10mm internal) and 50mm in length.

We use a 10mm internal diameter vinyl tube to connect the nests up to other nests or foraging areas. This tube can easily be scaled up or down with a vinyl tube joiner based on your ants’ requirements.

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Length 107mm

Width 138mm

Chamber depth 9mm

Total depth 23mm



Aus Ants formicariums are made from Acrylic, consisting of a backing plate of white Acrylic, one layer of clear Acrylic topped by a coloured Acrylic layer,  all enclosed with a removable clear Acrylic plate secured with dome screws.



The nest requires water every 2 to 4 days. To reduce the risk of flooding your nest, hydrate the sponge slowly, so that the water can be absorbed by the sponge.


Colony Size

This formicarium is suitable for housing a colony in the range of 30 to 400 ants. It can be utilised for small, medium or large species of ants and it is considered to be a formicarium for a ‘well established’ colony.

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