AntsNational The Dram Nest
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AntsNational The Dram Nest

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The Dram nest was actually an accidental discovery in 2012 as a replacement for broken test tubes. It is a reinvention of a more naturalistic founding chamber for young queen ants. The Dram nest has not changed much in design except for a wider acrylic container as well as a three-level descending tunnel sequence which leads to the founding chamber itself. 

Dimensions 47mm x 84mm

Excellent for founding queens and very small colonies, the dram nest is the most inexpensive version of our all-in-one compact formicariums. With two parallel holes situated at the very bottom, this formicarium can absorb water from below by placing it into a small cup filled with 1/2 an inch in depth of lukewarm water.

These formicariums are designed for queens that do not range over the length of 2cm. A decorated ventilation hole at the top features a dual-screen mesh design for both a bonafide escape-proof prevention system as well as well as durability factor. 

Once a colony has grown large enough, a larger formicarium is needed. The dram nest fits inside all of our available larger formicaria for an easy transfer by opening the lid and placing it on it's side into a larger formicarium.


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