AntHouse Acrylic/Sand Wall Kit Mini
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AntHouse Acrylic/Sand Wall Kit Mini

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1x 200mm x 150mm x 10mm Acrylic sandwich.

1x 200mm x 100mm x 100mm Acrylic foraging box with lid.

1x 250 g Mixed Sand/Clay.

1x Trough.

1x Water trough.

1x Connection tube.

1x 10ml Protein syrup (food)

1x 50g Sand for decoration. Colour subject to availability.

1x 50g Stone granules as decoration for the foraging box.

The Anthouse Wall Kit Mini is formed by a sandwich made of acrylic and a foraging box made of the same material. Both items have two hooks to be hung on the wall and the sides are covered in cork. The sandwich is connected to the foraging box via a flexible tube. The foraging area is used to put the foodand as a dump for the ants.