AntHouse Acrylic/Sand Starter Kit
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AntHouse Acrylic/Sand Starter Kit

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1x Basic tank 200mm x 100mm x 100mm.

1x Acrylic lid.

1x 250g Mixed sand/clay for the Sandwich.

1x 50g Sand for decoration. Colour subject to availability.

1x 50g Stone granules as decoration for the foraging box.

1x Trough.

1x Water trough.

1x Plastic pipette.

The Anthouse Acrylic/Sand Starter Kit is a small acrylic tank with a sheet of acrylic stuck on one side (sandwich), leaving a gap of 1.5 cm (the ants will live there), and an acrylic lid. You can put the food on the floor of the outworld. You can use extra sand and small plants or stones as decoration.