Aeacus Corinth Resin Small Nest
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Aeacus Corinth Resin Small Nest

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For young colonies of small to medium ant species. Includes port to connect to 9mm tubing (outer diameter, included).

  • Minimum tunnel height: 5.5mm
  • Total nest size: 55mm x 55mm
  • Hydration tiles: 1

    AEACUS formicaria are unique, quality nestsfor new and experienced ant keepers alike. They have been designed over the course of two years for uncompromising effectiveness, intuitive ease of use and unparalleled aesthetics.

    • Cast in qualitynon-toxic epoxy resin for fine detail, durability and ease of cleaning
    • Replaceable ceramic hydration tiles allow fine-tuned humidity levels
    • Large water tank keeps nests hydrated for weeks between refills

    Due to the handmade nature of this product, some variation in colour will occur. This will not affect usability. Not recommended for species with workers <3mm.

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