Aeacus Corinth Resin Small Nest
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Aeacus Corinth Resin Small Nest

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For young colonies of small to medium ant species. Includes port to connect to 9mm tubing (outer diameter, included).

  • Minimum tunnel height: 5.5mm
  • Total nest size: 55mm x 55mm
  • Hydration tiles: 1

    AEACUS formicaria are unique, quality nestsξfor new and experienced ant keepers alike. They have been designed over the course of two years for uncompromising effectiveness, intuitive ease of use and unparalleled aesthetics.

    • Cast in qualityŒænon-toxic epoxy resin for fine detail, durability and ease of cleaning
    • Replaceable ceramic hydration tiles allow fine-tuned humidity levels
    • Large water tank keeps nests hydrated for weeks between refills

    Due to the handmade nature of this product, some variation in colour will occur. This will not affect usability. Not recommended for species with workers <3mm.

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    Andrej S.

    Great nest, ants love it, need a better way to refill the water tank

    The nest is beautiful and loved by ants. It is my preferred nest, and I have tried a few. It is the only nest the ants moved into without hesitation. The feature of not having to hydrate the nest every couple of days is great. I have a different nest where this problem was solved by an upside-down test tube connected to a sponge. I like that better for the ease of use - easier to refill. But, this nest design uses ceramic plates for delivering the moisture, which I believe is superior to sponge. There are some minor drawbacks that can be improved in the future versions. - to refill the water tank, one must lift the nest up - something that is not easy to do while the nest is attached to an outworld. It disturbs the ants. - due to the water tank being placed below the nest, the connection port is placed relatively high up. Most outworlds have their expansion ports placed lower. This can be remedied by a longer length of tubing, or by placing some rubber feet under the outworld to lift it up. - as the nests are made by hand, some minor manufacturing flaws can be observed. If only it had an easier refill system, the nest would get a 5 star rating, no questions asked.

    Andrej S. verified customer review of Aeacus Corinth Resin Small NestAndrej S. verified customer review of Aeacus Corinth Resin Small Nest

    Beautiful and VERY functional nest, with a few minor manufacturing flaws

    The nest is loved by my Messor capitatus. I am sure most species would love it. This is something that isn't easy to achieve. The nest looks beautiful as well, modeled to give it a natural look, but in a clean and dirt free medium. It is, however, a little pricey for a nest with manufacturing tolerances I received. It may be that I got a slightly flawed nest, though. It doesn't impact the operation of the nest much, so that's okay. Basically, the glass is a bit smaller than should be, which makes it shift on the nest a bit, to the point of getting really close to opening a tiny crack along the glass edge. The nest doesn't make a good connection to the water container, which makes the water evaporate more quickly. The sponge holder was too lightly glued and it fell off, but it was a quick fix. The 3D printed nest-to-tube connector looks rugged and cheap. I am recommending it to anyone, provided the manufacturer improves the manufacturing tolerances. Even it they stay the same, I recommend the nest, just be aware of what to expect. Also, the make sure you are aware of the size of the nest, as it is clearly stated in the description (it is small). Overall I am happy with the nest!

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