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If it's not from AKD, is it guaranteed?


About Us



We're ant keeping enthusiasts just like you. We have our own private colonies and love watching and observing the unique behaviors of all types of ants.

When we first started keeping ants we quickly became frustrated by the lack of information available online. 

Not only was it hard to find information about keeping ants, finding products from the multiple manufactures around the world was tedious.

What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a full-time job. We now employ a number of staff to help care for the live ants we have available, to package and ship your orders, and to answer any questions you have in general.



Ant Keeping Depot began in 2017. Frustrated with the lack of online ecommerce options within the ant keeping hobby, we created a store that stocked items from around the worlds, from different manufacturers. 



The ant keeping industry is in it's infancy. Currently only a handful of manufacturers around the world exist. A lot of these manufacturers aren't registered business', or even survive for longer than a few years at best. Trying to receive customer care from business' that don't exist isn't easy.....

Ant Keeping Depot is a registered business in Australia. We are backed by a number of partners prepared to offer the perfect experience and guarantees for our customers. You have peace of mind that if something doesn't go right, we'll make it right. 

Not only do we guarantee our live ants but we also offer a full refund for damaged or faulty goods. 

We also stock all of the products you see on our site. No more waiting for weeks whilst the small boutique manufacturer makes your formicarium. If it's on our site, then it's available for immediate delivery.

We're stocking products from many countries around the world. That means that you can buy products from different manufactures that originate from different countries and only pay the one shipping fee. As it'll be sent directly from our own warehouse stock. 



We have big plans for the future. Fueled by our passion we're already stocking products from over 5 manufacturers but we plan on including many more. We aim to be the 'go to' store for ALL of your ant keeping needs in the future.


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